Size:6 youth Color:blue Material:canvas Condition:good Brand:Nike
Size: large Color: multi Material: cloth Condition: very good. Brand: Route 66

31 Purse

Size: Color: Material: Condition: very good Brand: 31


Size:6 Color:White Condition:New Brand:Reebox
Size: 5 1/2 Color: Black Material: Condition: Like new. Brand:
Size: Color: Cream Material: Condition: like new Brand: Vera Bradley
Size: Ladies. Size 6 Color: Black Material: Leather Condition: very good. Brand: Harley Davidson


Size: Ladies. Size 8. Color: Burnished Copper Material: Condition: Never Worn. Brand:
Size: 8 1/2 Color: Tan Material: Leather uppers Condition: very good Brand
See all are made from Real Crawfish Claws,Crabs Shells,Garfish Scales,Redfish Scales in South Louisiana Cajun Country all from the Gulf of Mexico. Go to see our specials too. call us at 337 xxxx681 cell 337 xxxx726